At Restoration Embassy Church, we desire that everyone finds a place of function in the family of God, a place to serve in and make use of their skills, gifts and talents. The ministry and service teams provide a great way to serve and in this way, connect with the family.

Although each of the teams have some requirements for joining, it is normally required that one has completed the Foundational Classes. 
Finally, our teams are built on excellence, commitment  and therefore it is required anyone seeking to serve to be acknowledged as a member of Kingdom Restoration family.

Here’s a brief overview of the departments. You can always find out more information from Department Leader!

Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.
~ John 12:26 ~

Praise and Worship

The praise and worship team  lead the congregation in song during services and other gatherings. They are called to be knowledgeable
not only of the hymns and responses, but also about the correct order of the worship services. This requires singers who are inwardly
committed not just to the music, but also, and primarily, to the Faith. 

Young Ministers

Young Ministers is where we take responsibility to develop our children as leaders in order to be of the most use in the Kingdom. We also have a responsibility to hand off the reigns of leadership to those on the path behind us. In light of this, Young Ministers development is not only a good idea, but is essential for building God’s Kingdom.

Sunday School

Sunday School strives to lay a firm, gospel-centered foundation that our children will be able to build upon for years to come. It is typically a shorter service that is focused on teaching children about Christianity, biblical principles and encouraging spiritual growth and religious topics.

Home-cell Fellowship

The home cell is the tool or vehicle whereby evangelism in the Church is done. It is also the way to incorporate and to develop new Christians to spiritual maturity and into the church. It provides fellowship, follow up and nurturing of Christians. The home cell operates through a home cell leader.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Department gives the young people a place to be and to learn to worship God, His nature, His plans for them and their future as church leaders and the the world at large. Be a part of this ministry at KRC and see how much of an impact you can make on the youth and yourself.

Security Department

Security department is responsible to protect the lives of those who are physically present at all regular church services and acts as a custodian of church and members personal properties and church properties.


Media team are responsible for a variety of branding-related tasks that are key to growing the presence of our church online and in real life. Media and sound teams work togather to deliver information to the congregation and to create an open method of communication between attendees and church leadership. 

Usher Department

Ushering Department is incharge of orderliness with in and out of the Church and set the spiritual climate of the service by presenting a joyful attitude, make others feel welcome and comfortable. They provide the first impressions of KRC to visitors and members.

Intercessory Ministry

This Team find themselves ushered into the presence of God to stand in the gap and make up the hedge against the enemy and his intent against the church and its membership and the world at large. Intercessors meet weekly to come against all obstacles of the adversary for the morning worship service, for the salvation of souls, and the deliverance of those bound.

Foundation Classes

During the Foundation Classes, new believers are tought more about our church and how they can serve in different departments and How they can have a basic foundation in the Bible in their lives s believers. It is also aa time for interaction and getting to know each other.

Womens Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is rooted in God’s Word have enormous potential to minister to lost and hurting women who are drawn to authentic, gracious community—and who need above all to meet the Lord and Savior who shines through the Scriptures from beginning to end and to develop to women to serve God in the workplace, church and their businesses.

Mens Ministry

Men’s Ministry is the active pursuit of men to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training and growing in Christ to become effective spiritual leaders in their homes and congregations, working as partners with their spouses and congregational leaders-both lay and clergy and improve their well-being in the world at large. Be part of this Ministry.