At Kindom Restoration Church, we believe that church is more than just attending Sunday morning services. We are convinced that church is about building meaningful relationships and creating a family of believers that are having an impact in each other’s lives and the lives of their communities.

Here, we hope you can grow in God, have fun while at it and get every opportunity to use and maximize your gifts, and become the leader you ought to be!Kingdon 

For this reason, we have various ways for you to connect with the KRC family – starting with being part of a small group (see below), to getting help with your ‘first steps’ as a new believer, growing in the faith and in leadership through world-class training as well as serving as a volunteer in one of the ministry and service teams we have.

We hope that as you plug into life at KRC, you will find the warmth, growth and joy that comes from being part of a great family!


The life of our church is really found in our small hom churches (we call them ‘cell groups’). Restoration Embassy Church cell groups meet in neighbours and homes around the town once every month. Here, you will find close, life-giving and authentic relationships to be a part of a community of believers to work out your faith with; and a place to be discipled, mentored and equipped not only in your own walk with God, but in impacting the world around you. Our cells are location based for more more effectiveness by meeting with the people around estates, and there is certainly a home cell near you!

To find a cell group to join and connect with, fill in the form below, and someone will get in touch with a connection for you. We look forward to seeing you in cell, enjoying #krclife!

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